About the Reviews:

One rainy day I looked about my room and realized that I had accumulated several hundred books that could be considered occult or pagan in nature. So, instead of continuing to sling my opinions of those said books across various internet forums, I decided it would be interesting to write more formal reviews. This is benefiting me in that 1) I get to learn how to use a blog, 2) writing practice is always useful, and 3) I tend to absorb information better when I get to spew it back at someone else.

I hope these reviews will 1) encourage you to read books you might not have otherwise read, whether due to topic or obscurity, 2) give you a head’s up before you buy a book (I call bullshit when I see it), and 3) amuse you, if only in a sad sort of way. I will also try not to review something that’s been reviewed by every other person who reviews occult and pagan books, unless my opinion is unusual.


Looking at this blog is a blast from the past. I might update if I feel inspired…

About Me:

27/F/Texas (but still Canadian)

The majority of posts here were written when I was 20, so my opinions may have changed.

Interested in folklore, herbalism, traditional witchcraft, the poison path, occultism, and books.

Farmer by birth. Academic librarian by trade.

My occult blog is at the bitter green.

One Response to “Purpose”

  1. dianarajchel Says:

    Hi! If you’re planning to “open for business” again I have a book I’d like to offer up for your review. Please contact me if you’re up for it.


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